Take your Spiritual Journey to the next level...without leaving Calgary

The door to truth and love is always open, it's a matter of if you want to walk through it. - Zalè

“I am so grateful for the leaps and bounds I have made since joining The CFT. I had huge breakthroughs at both retreats, I look forward and am excited to go home and put what I have learned to use in my everyday life. So honoured to be a part of this group with amazing souls.”
– Christina

Praises for the Spiritual Awakening Series:
"Total shift, life transformation. Put me back in the drivers seat."
- P Meyer

"These classes have really allowed me to get connected with my Self, which has given me a new way of approaching my life." 
- Ranee


Friday Breakfast Class 

Join us for a 2 hour lesson, breakfast and great conversations with the one sitting beside you! A great way to taste test the Advanced Community as the Advanced Community teacher takes you on a journey of Self discovery. 

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Meditation Nights
Many people that have joined us have remarked as to our method of meditation being different than what they have experienced before.... they liked it! A great class for those new to meditation and who have practiced for a long time. Also a  great way to get a feel for the great group of people here at the CFT, and what a Spiritual Awakening Class would be like. 
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Spiritual Awakening Series

   Imagine joining a close group of people that get together weekly
to learn proven, empowering techniques that will awaken you to the
meaning of true practical spiritualityA course that delivers a
large variety of the CFT's fresh ideas, and  techniques  to assist
you in becoming all that you can be,  fulfilling a crucial element
lacking in so many people's lives today.
Check out our consciousness and mindfulness classes in Calgary, Alberta. 

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