" Transformation is not a future event, it is a present day activity" 
- Jillian Michaels

You have made it to the big leagues. 
Join us for a day dedicated completely to your Self. 
Zalé and the CFT Coaches will lead us through a day of profound philosophies and life changing exercises.

What does a WID include?: 
Our beautiful day will include: a beautiful meditation,  a lay down guided meditation, deeply thought and action provoking lessons , exercises lead by our Centre Coaches, a Breath instruction and session, complete with a  breakfast  and lunch break.

How can I prepare?:
Attend Spiritual Awakening Series 1 & 2
Ensure you know your meditation set up off by heart. 
Get into your daily meditation practice ( highly suggested).
Read over the "what to bring" section to the right hand side of this page, and come prepared.
Register and pay prior to the event ( see below). 

Whole-I-Day Payment Options

What: Full Day Teaching, Meditation, Guided Mediation and most likely a Breath Session.

When: Sept 3rd, 2016,  Arrive at 5:45AM to set up and start the morning meditation by 6:00 AM sharp!

The day generally ends between 5:30 and 6:30 PM 

Where:  Bonavista Downs Community Centre - 1418 Lake Ontario Road SE

Cost:    $249.99 +GST  

What to bring: 

Sleeping Mat, Blankets / Sleeping bag / Pillow, Mask,
Meditation Cushion / Gear, Water Bottle, NoteBook, Pen, 

Breakfast, Lunch, Encouraged but not  mandatory a snack to share.

Travel Mug, Outdoor clothes in case  we choose to spend some time doing activities in nature. Garbage bag or mat to protect your cushion from the elements if you so choose, * 
And remember to wear comfortable clothes, and no metal jewellery*