" The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. 
We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift." 
- Albert Einstein 

Praises for the Spiritual Awakening Series:

“I am so grateful for the leaps and bounds I have made since joining The CFT. I had huge breakthroughs at both retreats, I look forward and am excited to go home and put what I have learned to use in my everyday life. So honoured to be a part of this group with amazing souls.” – Christina

 "Total shift, life transformation. Put me back in the drivers seat." - P Meyer

"These classes have really allowed me to get connected with my Self, which has given me a new way of approaching my life." - Ranee

The CFT consists of a mix of self improvement and spirituality. The Spiritual Awakening Series weighs more heavily on the spiritual aspect, exploring an experiential take on non religious spirituality.  

A course that delivers a large variety of the CFT's fresh ideas, and  techniques  to assist you in becoming all that you can be,  fulfilling a crucial element lacking in so many people's lives today.

What:  An 8 week course 
When: January 29th to March 19th, 2018
                 Monday evenings from 6:45PM to 9:15PM
Cost:   $ 600 .00+ GST
          Promo Price $497 +GST
            classes are non-refundable
Where: Live in person event

                   5740 1A Street SW Hearth & Home Fireplace
                   Calgary, AB, Canada

Thank you for joining us for our Spiritual Awakening Series!


$497 + GST

 (Regular $600 + GST)


- Presence.  Finding relaxation, peace and enjoyment in the moment. 

- A look into the energy body ( widely known as chakras )

- New perceptions on emotional/spiritual elements in life such as Love

- New  experiential practices that can greatly assist in taking your life to a new level. 

- Taking a deeper look at the mechanics of our psyche  and  why so many get stuck in their perceivedlimitations. 

- A new unique look at the Body, Mind and Spirit concept, and their interconnected nature. 

Those living in Calgary AB, and area, we request that you attend the in person classes. If you feel that you cannot due to travel, or other reasons please contact us: info@thecft.ca or 403-278-8859 for options available to assist.