"Transformation is not a future event, it is a present day activity" 
- Jillian Michaels

You have made it to the big leagues. 
Join us for a day dedicated completely to your Self. 
Zalé and the CFT Coaches will lead us through a day of profound philosophies and life changing exercises.

What does a WID include?: 
Our beautiful day will include: a beautiful meditation, deeply thought and action provoking lessons, exercises lead by our Centre Coaches, complete with lunch break.

How can I prepare?:
Attend Spiritual Awakening Series 1 & 2
Ensure you know your meditation set up off by heart. 
Get into your daily meditation practice ( highly suggested).
Read over the "what to bring" section to the right hand side of this page, and come prepared.
Register and pay prior to the event ( see below). 

Whole-I-Day Payment Options
Payment Options for Members grandfathered in 2012 and prior

What:  Full Day Teaching, Meditation, and more!

 When:  Saturday, July 14th
Arrive around 8:30 AM no later than 8:45AM  
Start at 9 AM   end at 4:00 PM 

(Note: We will be having a Potluck BBQ afterwards  which you are welcome to invite your family and friends to. They are welcome to arrive at 4:00 PM). Please bring some food to share and your own BBQ item (e.g., Steak, Portobello Mushroom, etc.)  

Edworthy Park Site #2 .  

Above is the map with directions

What to bring: Sleeping Mat, Blankets/Sleeping bag/Pillow, Meditation Cushion/Gear, Water Bottle, Note Book, Pen, Breakfast,  Lunch, a  snack to share (encouraged but not mandatory) , Food for the bbq as listed above, Travel Mug, Bug Spray, Suntan Lotion, Outdoor clothes as we will be spending the day outside, Garbage bag or mat or tarp to protect your cushion from the elements if you so choose,

*And remember to wear comfortable clothes, and no metal jewellery* 

 Outdoor Gear, and Food and serving utensils for the potluck.

Remember your plates & utensils for the potluck  

Cost:   $249.99 +GST  
            $199.99 for members grandfathered in 2012